We offer fully integrated services

At Food Linkers, we understand Asian culture and we know what it takes to succeed in Asia.

We are much more than a trading partner, we can help your brand succeed in Asia in several ways, from handling the logistics to refining your brand identity for the Asian markets.



Payment Security


Brand Transformation

Web & Packaging

Social Media and Online

Sales Promotion

The right partner for your brand success

Asia is a great market for European brands and products but conducting business from the outside can be difficult. It is very important to have a trusted partner, on the ground who knows the language, the culture and the way of doing business. That’s where Food Linkers comes in. We take care of all the details so that the wheels of trade turn smoothly.


With over 45 years of experience, we have developed a solid network of distributors throughout Asia for your brand success.


Logistic & Legal 
With our team of experts in Asian logistics, payment security, legal and regulatory requirements, we ensure all details are taken care of.


Market Research
Combining our deep understanding of culture and consumer habits with insights and market research, we define the right positioning for your target market.


Brand Transformation
We adapt and customise your brand to the behaviour and preferences of your target consumers; conforming to their culture expectations while maintaining your brand’s essence and uniqueness.