Kyrö Distillery Company

From a rural village in Finland, comes the earth’s best gin for gin and tonic.

We are the world’s northernmost gin & whisky distillery focusing on wholegrain rye distillation. Our roots, inextricably tied to our wild nature, fauna and history, is what defines our character.

Our village Isokyrö has an intriguing past. Meaning the great fire in Finnish, Isokyrö survived two great wars: the Cudgel War that marked the famed peasant uprising against Sweden at the end of the 15th Century, and the Great Northern War where Fins fought against Russians in the notorious Battle of Napue 1714.

The resilient spirit, baptized by fire, and immortalized by its medieval church and monuments, is what gives our brand its unique charisma.

Now, beyond Finland, you can taste this charisma in the world’s best bars in Shanghai, Tokyo, Berlin, London, Cape Town, New York and more.


In Rye We Trust

Wholegrain rye is difficult to distil but it’s worth it as it creates a gentle warmth and spice unique to rye spirit.

Using fresh botanicals foraged from the old Napue battleground, our rye-based gin boasts the scents and flavours of the quintessential Finnish forests. Think meadow sweet, sea buckthorn, cranberries and birch leaves. The low northern sun and length of day in the Finnish summer creates a special intensity of flavor in the wild botanicals.

In 2015, Kyrö Napue Gin won “Best Gin for Gin&Tonic” at the prestigious International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC), an award considered among the highest recognitions you can get in the global wine and spirits industry.

Sweet as our misty morning meadow, flaming like our midnight sun and cool as the Finnish night, Kyrö Napue is a gin like no other.

Craft your very own Kyrö Napue and tonic now. Throw in a handful of cranberries, a rosemary sprig and enjoy it with a lavish pour of Fever Tree Indian Tonic.