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Food Linkers help Europe’s food and beverage brands to connect with Asian consumers.

Based in Singapore and Hong Kong, we have more than five decades’ experience in Asia. Our deep understanding of Asian culture combined with an intimate knowledge and appreciation for Europe’s best food brands makes us the perfect go-between.

We act as brand ambassador as well as distributor with direct sales channels to distribution, wholesale, retail and HORECA sector. We can offer cost-effective solutions and networks for European food and beverage suppliers with ambitions in China and Asia.


Changing tastes in China and Asia create great opportunities

The Chinese middle-class is growing rapidly and consumer behaviour is changing. This is driven by rising disposable incomes, urbanisation and exposure to international brands. One of the outcomes of this change is that people in this new middle-class are much more aware of what they are buying. They now want the world’s best for themselves and their families. Meanwhile, food scandals have made Chinese consumers more careful when choosing their food. They want to know where it comes from, and they want a clear declaration of origin with transparency and traceability playing important roles. As a result, middle-class consumers in China are willing to pay extra for premium imported food, especially high quality, healthy food products made to exacting standards. In a nation where families strive to elevate their social status, imported food in China is increasingly seen as one of the symbols of success. For both producers and importers of high quality food, this can only offer great opportunities.

Why Europe leads the way

Among the world’s food producing regions, Europe stands apart for the high quality of its products.

European food products are renowned for their high quality, especially regarding food safety, animal welfare, sustainability and the minimal use of antibiotics and pesticides.

Also, European producers have been leaders in responding to increasing consumer awareness about food production. They have established efficient and transparent control systems and have also been among the pioneers of modern organic food production.

With such a strong reputation based on the highest standards, it is no wonder that European food products are in such demand.

Asia, with its growing prosperity and increasing appetite for quality imported foods, now offers huge potential for both European producers and importers in Asia itself.


Behind Food Linkers

Welcome Trading

Welcome Trading, based in Singapore, has engaged in commodity trading with emerging markets since 1971.



Pfonix, based in Hong Kong, has a great experience to develop brands and market activities in Asia since the 1990.